Finally added my personal work to the website!

For years my website pretty much featured what I do for clients.  I’ve finally gotten around to featuring what I do for myself when I’m “off the clock.”  I’ve always been a fan of decay: anything abandoned, rusty or run-down.  I still love sunsets, flowers and various landscapes but there is something about an abandoned Airstream trailer in the middle of the West Texas desert or finding an old bicycle through the window of an empty farmhouse in Kansas.

Yes, sometimes I drive my wife crazy with all the sudden stops on long road trips.

I’ll be updating this section with more galleries; I’ve got thousands of images to sort through.

Click below to see what I’m talking about.

My personal work


Janelle and Kramer, Venue at the Grove

Janelle and Kramer had the cutest love story: In high school he had a crush on the gorgeous cheerleader who was way out of his league.  However, he persisted which resulted in the wedding day we were so lucky to capture.  One adjective comes to mind when I recall this day: FUN!  It was non-stop from the moment we arrived; the family, bridal party and all who attended were just some of the most FUN people we’ve ever been around.

Another moment I loved was the first look for her dad.  This is something I frequently suggest for brides.  Even if the couple doesn’t want a first look we can do something really special for Dad; there is almost nothing more emotional than seeing his baby girl all grown up.

Add the beauty of Venue at the Grove and you’ve got the perfect wedding day.  It was our first time here so I arrived early to scout the location.  Can’t wait to go back!


Here are some of the other great vendors we worked with that day:

Cake: My Goodness Cakes

DJ: Direct Sounds

Floral: Wild Child Floral

Caterer: Ensemble Catering

Photo/Video shoot for Twisted Curry

Anyone that knows me well knows that I can’t get enough spice and flavor in my food – must have something to do with living in New Orleans all those years. When the opportunity came my way to shoot the new menu for Twisted Curry, a modern Indian restaurant slated to open next winter, I jumped at the chance. When I’m shooting food, I usually insist on keeping it real and natural…I don’t like to spray WD-40 or glue anything down unless I have to.  I want the food to look the best that it can look, but still  closely resemble what will actually show up on the customer’s plate. As an added bonus, I get to taste many of the recipes once the shoot has wrapped…not a bad perk!

Every dish I shot that day is incredible…when Twisted Curry is fully up and running, I’ll be the first in line!

Behind the Scenes video

I’ve been wanting to create this video for a long time; years, in fact.  I think it’s important for couples to know what their photographer is like “on the job.”  Over the years I’ve learned that producing great work isn’t just the result of having advanced camera/lighting skills and a creative eye; it also requires great people skills, a good sense of humor and making people comfortable.  I suppose those are the “intangibles” that help set us apart from other photography teams.

My Award-Winning Client, MCulinary Concepts!

MCulinary Concepts is the largest caterer in the southwest and one of my biggest clients.  They’ve been hiring me for photo and video the past 6 years and I’ve just learned they won an award from the Leading Caterer’s of America!  Apparently my images may have helped set them apart from the competition!

Congratulations MCulinary; we love working with you guys and appreciate and the great opportunities you’ve given us!!


My Youtube Channel!

Check Out Our Channel

YouTube has been a great place for me to post some of my work for people who are true surfers of the net.

I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people. Through my Youtube Channel, you will be able to see the finished work of all the diverse events I have had the opportunity to shoot along with the incredible people I have worked with.

On my channel, you will find that my channel includes images from Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, engagement sessions and numerous weddings to commercial events and many family sessions.

Check it out by clicking HERE or

You know they are in love when…


Of all of the moments that keep a smile on my face, one of the best moments of any wedding day is when I can see the love in the eyes of the couple. Chris watched Hannah as she did a few solo poses for the camera and the excitement of their day was apparent. You know they are in love when a couple is able to tell their love story with their body language. The simple looks and eye-locking grins allow me to enjoy my time with them that much more.


Chris and Hannah’s unique ideas and magnetic personalities allowed me to capture some images that really stood out.  The beauty of the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens made for a gorgeous wedding.  I love shooting here!


Vendor Appreciation:

Let Them Eat Cake
DJ Eric with Got You Covered
Hair stylist Antonette with R Salon