Event shoot in Orlando turns into family vacation!

With all the events, weddings and portrait sessions I’ve been shooting, I get so far behind updating the blog but wanted to show off a few of my favorite shots from our Orlando trip a couple of weeks ago. I was hired to shoot for the Academy of Osseointegration’s annual conference (has something to do with dental implants) which took place at the Disney Dolphin hotel. I actually work for the event management folks who run several conferences like this one; they are the same people who brought me to Miami Beach last November for another event. I brought Julie and Reagan along and stayed a few extra days; mom drove out from Mississippi to meet us and see her little grand-daughter.

We stayed at the Dolphin which was next door to the “Swan” hotel but I noticed something unusual: While the Swan hotel had huge swan sculptures everywhere, the “Dolphin” had sculptures but they were FISH! You’ll see in the following photo.

Why no dolphins? Did the building contractor order dolphin sculptures but get fish by mistake? Did he not notice the difference until it was too late? OR, did they order FISH sculptures, install them, then decide that “Disney Fish Hotel” didn’t sound marketable? “Hello and welcome to the Disney Carp; please pardon the smell…” They should have consulted the focus groups sooner…or a marine biologist.

Anyway, after all the work was done we moved to a timeshare and took reagan on her first journey to Disney World! Julie dressed her appropriately and daddy took pictures; had great lighting on the condo’s patio.

Then it was off to Disney World, (or in Snoop Dogg-speak: The Dizzle Wizzle)

My favorite part was the fireworks at the end of the day; Reagan got to see some a couple of nights earlier during a client event at Epcot and LOVED them! When we told her that we were going to see fireworks again she started saying “boom boom come out!”

I have never seen her so excited; she kept yelling “more! more!” and giggling. I actually got all choked up at how much fun she was having; Julie thought it was cute. I thought I was a dork.

Another favorite place was Downtown Disney and we discovered LegoLand; Reagan loves playing with Legos. She kept saying “so tall….sooooooo tall!”

It was all fun and games until it was time to go.

Hot fudge sundae works every time!

Fun pics from the place behind our timeshare: