More kids!

Monday was another photo shoot for Kiera and Marco Reckling; this time we got an early start in the morning. I first photographed Kiera when she was nine days old; she’s about 8 weeks now. I had such a blast; I can’t wait to have one of my own!

I’ve learned that you don’t really want to set a time limit when photographing children; just be flexible and take advantage of the opportunities as they come up.

I was in the kitchen when I noticed the morning sun streaming onto the patio. I brought Katherine and Marco out and used a reflector to bounce the sunlight back onto them; I love the way the sun provides the backlighting.

Rock Star Photo Shoot

My cousin, Robert “Mudd” Mazzullo, is an amazing guitar builder. He has built me 4 bass guitars and they are beautiful works of art and sound better than anything I’ve ever played. His wife, Rachel, is a cellist and he has built her an electric and acoustic cello along with several other guitars and instruments. This year he decided to start marketing his work so here are some promo shots I did for ad pieces and the upcoming NAMM show (Nat. Assoc. of Music Merchants.)
Presenting Mudd Guitars

This is Ginger; amazingly photogenic and graceful.

This is Michael Thomas; he is the most hi-profile player and has played with Guns n Roses, Bang Tango and quite a few other heavy rock bands.

Fun Convention Shoot!

I just spent a couple of days working for the Sports Turf Manager’s Association. I shoot for a lot of trade show and event clients and I’m always amazed at what I learn about different industries. These members are in charge of maintaining sports playing surfaces of all kinds and it gets pretty involved.

Their founder is referred to as the “Sod God.” You might not know George Toma but you know his work; he maintains the playing field for a little event called the Super Bowl (all 42 of them!) They also call him the “Marquis de Sod.” That must be a challenging job; I can’t even mow grass in a straight line.

Their keynote speaker was pretty amazing with his ESP skills. He had four random members come up with details about a particular car of their choice, then he pulled a sealed envelope from his pocket on which he apparently had written those exact details on his flight to Phoenix that morning! He pulled off some amazing stuff!

Kate and Jeff’s wedding

They chose an incredible location for their wedding. This was in a friend’s back yard in Paradise Valley and the setting was perfect in the late afternoon. We did most of the portrait shooting before the wedding so they wouldn’t have to wait too long to hit the reception.

I loved the interior staircase for the portrait session; I was able to shoot this using natural light only then I converted some of the images to black and white. I love that classic look of an old-school black and white portrait.

Phoenix Children’s Chorus photo shoot

A couple of weeks ago I shot the annual group portraits for the PCC; getting 200 kids to stand still is a huge undertaking. Even harder is getting all their eyes open in the same shot. Good thing I have Photoshop!

During some of the breaks the directors loosen up and have some fun.

Now…….jazz-hands everyone!

Happy New Year

A couple of months ago I DJ’d a wedding at the Cedars in N. Phoenix; the manager asked if I was free for New Year’s Eve to DJ for a huge party they were having. Nice change of pace from performing and singing all night; had a blast and they were a really fun group. Of course, I had to play photojournalist, too.