“Save The Date” cards are a great way to send out the first look into the style of your wedding. People also use them to get a feel for the number of people who will be in attendance. Then, when your invitations come to them, they have a good idea of the style of your wedding and will have all of the information they need.

I have enjoyed making some of the “Save The Date” cards and wedding invitations for some of my recent clients. Keep in mind that having your photographer design the items you send out to your guests is a lot less stress than adding the duty to your list of things to accomplish.

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Aisles Of Style is THIS Saturday!

THIS Saturday May 11, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM MST
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The Wigwam
300 East Wigwam Boulevard
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Join Thee Wedding and Event Warehouse, The Wigwam, and the Valley’s BEST vendors for Aisles of Style. 
At this amazing one-day event you will be able to personally chat with some great vendors that can help you with planning your wedding!  You will also see a fashion show featuring some of the season’s hottest wedding gown and bridesmaid dress trends. While there, enjoy entertainment from some fantastic DJ’s, sample incredible fare, pickup some great giveaways and register to win some amazing prizes.

Purchase a VIP ticket and, in addition to the show, enjoy early check-in and a Continental Breakfast with Mimosas.
Standard Ticket – $5
VIP Ticket – $10
Click on the link below to register or RSVP.
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If you have any questions about the show, please call our studio. We look forward to seeing you at 2013 Aisles of Style!
Kathy Baggett
Thee Wedding & Event Warehouse

Emergency Kit is a PLUS!

Your wedding day can be your best day, or be a day full of snags and hiccups. Nonetheless, you won’t know when something will need a quick fix–so prepare! One of the best ways to prepare for your day is to pack a kit which includes a variety of emergency items. Give this kit to a personal attendant, a bridesmaid or a someone responsible who can be wherever you are and FAST!

Emergency Kit Ideas:

Names and Phone Numbers of all wedding vendors

Needle and Thread (white/black/color of bridesmaids gowns)

Extra Panty Hose

Pain Reliever Pills


Stain Stick



Double-Sided Tape


Feminine Products



Extra Cash

Slipper/Change of Shoes

Umbrellas/Rain Boots


Bobby pins

Static Cling Spray

Contact Lens/Eye Drops/Glasses

Nail File

Straws (sip  your drinks to keep from smearing lipstick and creating stains on your teeth.)

Safety Pins

Socks (Make sure they work with the Formal Wear.)

Earring Backs

Extra Flowers (Hobby Lobby has a great selection of plastic flowers which look real.)

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Wedding Floral Decisions


Many articles nowadays are stating how couples shouldn’t be pressured to follow the traditional rules when it comes to their floral arrangements. Instead, they are told to choose the style that is fitting for the venue, the dress and the bridal party. One point of interest is to stay “in season”. Arizona has the advantage of having a lengthy choice of “in-season” flowers.

I think that Craig and Leah (pictured) chose their floral perfectly. Clearly, I had a great time photographing their arrangements. The couple was wed at a home in Fountain Hills, AZ. They followed only the rules of their hearts when choosing the flowers for their big day. It was a stunning wedding with a vibrant color scheme.

As a side note, hiring a professional wedding florist is always a great choice. Your days details will never be a regret when you have a reputable vendor by your side. Contact me if you are in need of a floral professional for your upcoming big day in Arizona!

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How It’s Made


The art of photography is all about staying ahead and thinking outside the box. I have a fantastic team who loves to do just that! My assistant, Lia, took a few moments to get an image of each person in Kenny and Lorien’s bridal party while I and my lighting assistant were shooting the couple elsewhere. Believe it or not, the image above was NOT originally captured with all of the bridal party together, but rather it is a composite of many images.


We started with each of the individually captured images and used Photoshop to cut them out using the Magnetic Lasso Tool, a little feathering and the Background Eraser Tool. Once we had all of the images containing only the person in the bridal party, we needed to place them. Using another image of the bridal party, we resized each image based upon their appropriate height proportions.


The image with the bridesmaid hanging was used to rebuild the background. We did this by clicking the Spot Healing Brush tool over the dangling bridesmaid. Then, with a few copy and pasting tricks and another swipe of spot healing at the seams, we could place our bridal party.


This is good for our first time, but next time there are a few things to alter to make it better. We will be sure to capture each individual in the same lighting as well as make the distance from each person to their background the same. These two changes will eliminate editing time. In Photoshop, a higher feathering number would be best utilized around each “cut-out”. Plus, we hope to capture the Bride & Groom against the same background so we can add them in! As you can see from the image at the very top–a black and white effect really makes this line-up pop!

Below you will see some of the captured images from the Kenny and Lorien’s wedding festivities. Enjoy!

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