Rural Italy

We just finished an incredible 10 days in Italy where a client hired me to photograph their annual incentive trip for their top salespeople.  I brought Julie and Reagan, of course and extended our trip for several days after the job was done.  The first 6 nights were in the Waldorf Astoria’s Rome Cavalieri on a hill overlooking the city; simply breathtaking!!  I’ll be posting the usual images of Rome as well as Sorrento and Positano on the Amalfi Coast but, first, I decided to post images that are NOT the normal vacation photos.

I love to photograph old abandoned buildings and Italy has no shortage of subject matter.  I chose to rent a car to drive from Rome down to Sorrento and it was a struggle to not stop every 5 minutes to photograph something.

The images below are from our drive back toward Rome on our final day.  They are near a town called Mondragone but I could not find any information about them.  First, I saw this old abandoned church on the side of the road:

83-Italy-6307764  Then I noticed two small square holes in the door and it was just big enough to fit my lens inside and this is what I found:


I LOVE photographing this kind of stuff; I’m pretty sure nobody else gets Italy pictures like this!  I had also noticed what looked like an abandoned hotel off the highway.  The drone came in handy for some of these shots.


More to come soon!!

The Salton Sea

I just finished a 10-week stretch of work with very few days off: weddings, commercial shoots and then corporate events not just in Phoenix but San Antonio, Vegas twice, Tucson and Palm Springs.  On the way to the Palm Springs job I decided to take extra time to drive around the Salton Sea to look for anything old, rusty, and abandoned.  I hit the jackpot in a couple of places: Bombay Beach and Slab City.  I used my new drone for overhead photo and video then shot most everything else with my Sony A6300; it has become my new favorite travel camera.  I still LOVE my Nikon D800s (I use 3 of them) but the still photos you see were all shot with the Sony camera and a couple of their lenses.  I used the Nikon for the “starry night” shots of the boat.  I put it on a tripod with a 20-second exposure so I could see the stars, then had 2 speedlights to the left and right to light the boat just before the shutter closed.

Check out this Salton Sea Video  I put together.

Here are a bunch of images from that trip: