Introducing Reagan Elizabeth Bonham!!!

Well, here she is! I had no idea how incredible it is to be a dad; I certainly waited long enough. If anyone had told me a little over a year ago that I’d wind up getting married AND having a baby I would have laughed. However, after dating Julie for only a couple of months those big decisions came easier than I could have imagined! Funny how one’s perspective can change in such a short period of time. Anyway, Reagan was born on Monday, April 14, at 10:40pm in Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa. Mom and baby are doing just fine; dad has learned to change diapers and take over ALL household chores. These are pictures, in no particular order, of her first week starting at 1 minute after her birth.

She looked a little confused when she first came into the world.

First bath at home

Laughing it up in the hospital

Sleeping like a, well, you know….

Rico contemplates life with his new little sister

WOW!!! Fatherhood rocks!

Motherhood too, of course

Window light is perfect for portraits!