Finally found time for another post!

I didn’t realize that starting a blog would be such a commitment! I’ve always got new images to post but November, December and most of January have been absolutely swamped. We just went to New Orleans and Missiissippi for a little R&R. Mom and Dad live across the way in Mississippi and we finally got to put work aside.

We visited an old plantation and I thought it was a perfect setting for Reagan’s 9-month portrait. This chair had perfect accent colors to match her dress. Julie is off-camera making sure she doesn’t fall over while my mom and dad are on the left and right acting as human light stands while I shoot.

The plantation had peacocks all over the place; I wish they would have opened up their feathers for me. Here they are lined up on a fence; perfect photo op.

They kept looking back and forth at each other making noises; probably some form of morning chitchat: “Mornin’ Bob.” “Mornin’ Steve.” “How’s the family?”

Biloxi has an old lighthouse my mom wanted a picture of; we got there about 3 minutes before the sun went down so I had to shoot quickly.
Biloxi and Gulfport have definitely bounced back after Katrina although there are still quite a few empty lots. (see my very first blog post, Dec 07)

I just bought a new lens called a Lensbaby. It tilts to create a surreal blur except where I want to focus. Very artsy. Here are some shots from the Biloxi coast and around the French Qtr. in New Orleans.

Finally, the highlight of the trip was seeing about 12 of my images displayed on Canal Street! One of my photo clients, Specialty Graphic and Imaging Association, asked me if I would donate images to The Canal Street Initiative that they sponsor. Since a lot of the windows are still covered with plywood, SGIA prints large images and covers them up. Mine were displayed at the corner of Canal and Rampart; that was a very proud moment!