Raynie and Sean’s 10-year renewal

I met Raynie and Sean last year and love their story.  When they first got married they did it at the Justice of the Peace so they never really had a wedding.  Ten years later they have two beautiful little girls and decided to have the wedding for their 10-year anniversary.  The venue was Trilogy at Vistancia and I was really looking forward to working with their coordinator Sylvanna.  We were also fortunate to have some cool clouds to work with and a really nice sunset for our signature dramatic shots with reflection on the water.  I just love the wide-open feel of the venue; it is a great place to shoot the sunset!  They also had beautiful floral arrangements from Michelle with Crazy Daisies.

Congratulations to Raynie and Sean for 10 wonderful years!!

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Venue Spotlight: DoubleTree in Gilbert

The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (Phoenix-Gilbert & SanTan) is a fantastic venue for any event. I was honored to shoot Sean and Michelle’s wedding there. It is really great to work in a place with such dramatically arched ceiling heights.


The Double Tree is a Hilton Hotel and on some of the best lists of places to be wed. The Wedding Wire  has it as Gilbert’s New Dream Wedding Location! The Hilton Website also features some great calculations to verify the limits of capacity and what you are needing for your guests. It can be a rented space for any elegante conference as well.

Their website explains more about the venue and how to get in touch with them! Definitely worth checking out this venue.

Pop Of Wedding Color

When shooting an event, a photographer can do everything in their power to get all of the variables just right. Sometimes, though, the items a photographer isn’t in charge of can make or break the shoot.

A couple of weekends back I shot a wedding that was just stunning. The bride and groom, Alex and Jennifer, had that “glow of love” and the details that were put into the day are what made the shots so great.

The wedding party looked great and had so much personality–it just shined through. The colors were with the trends, but classic and in my opinion, won’t date the images.

Every wedding I shoot, I get those “must-have” images but always look for a way to make it fitting for the bride and groom’s relationship and style. With Alex and Jennifer, I didn’t need to search for a way to get their style embedded–their color choices and relaxed nature just allowed everything to fall into place!

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Anna and Steven’s Wedding, 9-29-2012

Now THIS was quite an amazing backyard wedding!  I met Anna and Steven earlier this year when they were referred to me by Heidi’s Events and Catering.  I also had another opportunity to work with Jeremy from Ray the DJ.  They had their wedding and reception at a location called The Bigelow House up in Cave Creek; it is a huge vacation rental and an beautiful spot for their wedding.  They rented the house for a week and stayed their with the bridal party; they had quite a fun time and I loved the different areas that we could use for photo locations.  Here are a few shots from their wedding.

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Helping a great charity: Florence Crittenton

Florence Crittenton contacted me recently to photograph their girls to help with a fundraiser and for promo materials.  The idea was to show the girls in their daily routine, for the most part, but also to create some beautiful portraits of them.  They rely heavily on sponsors and donors so images that “tug at the heartstrings” are a huge help to keep their doors open.  Another benefit was to help the girls’ self esteem by helping them see how beautiful they are and none of them had never had any kind of professional photography done.

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Florence Crittenton’s mission is to give every girl whose life we touch safety, hope, and opportunity.  Established in 1896 to provide shelter for women in crisis, the agency has served Arizona’s youth and their families for well over a century.  Today, Florence Crittenton offer a comprehensive continuum of care designed to help at-risk girls, ages 10 to 21, overcome issues of abuse, neglect, poverty, homelessness, teen pregnancy, and behavioral and/or mental health problems.  The agency strives to create safe environments where girls, young women, and families can discover the support of a caring community and the possibility of a bright new future.  www.flocrit.org

I could tell the girls were a little uncomfortable at first but they warmed up pretty quickly.  I let them know they didn’t have to worry about trying to pose or anything; we just did a lot of photojournalistic shots of them hanging out like their usual daily routine.  Once I got them laughing, though, I was able to give a little more direction and we really started getting some great shots.  I think they had more fun than they expected.  My favorite shots were with the service dog and also of the young girl who is expecting; I think she was about 6 months along so we did some beautiful “maternity style” portraits of her. This was a very rewarding day.