Busy three months!!!

I’ve finally gotten enough time to back off and breathe a little bit. April, May and June were busier than I could have imagined with weddings, my first bridal expo, portrait sessions, charity photo sessions and corporate events; often for several days in a row. Add all of that to being a new dad and you get a significant lack of sleep! It’s time to catch up the blog so I’m going to try and get several posts up in the next few days.

Julie, Reagan and I just returned from San Diego where I shot for the National PTA again; this is my third year in a row working for them at their national convention and it is one of my favorite event jobs I’ve ever had (last year was St. Louis.) We had a few very well-known speakers this year, too. Carol Channing was hysterical and had everyone rolling on the floor.

Later I was assigned to shoot Dr. Maya Angelou being interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta for CNN’s new broadcast later that morning. After that they both gave very inspiring keynote speeches during the convention.

My favorite part is where the kids perform. PTA has a big contest every year for kids to submit music, dance, literature, art etc and the winners are showcased at the convention. I was totally blown away at the talent these kids have; especially at a young age.

I really love working with this group; their commitment to helping kids is contagious.

The best part was being able to bring Julie and Reagan along!

Next, we’re off to wine country in Temecula for a few days!