A few months ago I joined Meeting Professionals International since I do so much event photography; one of the members, Debbie Raposa, wanted to interview me for their newsletter and wrote a very nice article so I thought I would post a link.
Here is the story.

Shooting in Miami Beach

I’m currently in Miami Beach shooting the annual conference for the College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology; I arrived Thursday evening and decided to walk around and do some night shooting with my Nikon. The client booked me into the Fontainbleau Resort and the place is gorgeous…I would have been happy in a Days Inn.

Here are some of the night shots. One of my favorites was of the hotel bar; it reminded me of something out of a sci-fi movie for some reason. I was approached by a waitress who told me they don’t allow photography; that made no sense but as soon as she turned her back I snapped a few shots because I’m such a rebel 🙂

Miami Beach has a lot of the old art deco architecture and I hope I can make some time to get down to South Beach for a sunset shot.

Here is the view from my room.

I love my travel gigs!!