El Chorro Wedding with Brad and Alexa

What a great wedding this was at El Chorro Lodge in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Brad and Alexa put their all into making their ceremony fit their personalities and it turned out so well! I love when a couple can forget all of the extra things that society thinks a ceremony should look like and really get wrapped up in their love and commitment to each other and their tastes. Brad and Alexa’s day was so great because you would see who they were by simply looking around at both the ceremony and the reception. Fantastic!

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Zach + Kayla at Val Vista Lakes

Recently, I shot a wedding at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona. The couple really did a great job of tastefully making it their own. Rarely I see the unity ceremony as a foot washing ceremony. This is often done to signify the flesh becoming one and united in Marriage. To many couples, this isn’t an act of servitude, but rather respect and equality. Zach and Kayla did it in such an elegant way and I really enjoyed being a part of their ceremony.

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Stone Creek Golf Club Wedding

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I had so much fun with Mirela and Sebastian at Stone Creek Golf Club earlier this year. The Golf Club has a lot to offer their guests and amenities for the Bride and Groom. They have one of the best places to capture the Arizona Sunset–free of power lines and man-made things which take away from an image.

We don’t take pictures, We create images…

I have been in business for over twenty years. When thinking long and hard about a slogan that wraps up my business, I came to the determination of what I do. In my mind, taking pictures is something that someone does when they are on a tour, or trying to remember something for later. Creating an image is when a moment is captured so that it can be forever remembered. An image is a resemblance of a time when something in life is happening such as a wedding, a birthday, an event with professionals, which is hoped to be recalled later.


We don’t take pictures, we create images…

Senior Session: Traditional Meets Contemporary

I had a fantastic time shooting Sierra & Zoe. These girls had so much energy! I love that they let the real them shine through!

They are great examples about how senior sessions aren’t always about the “style” you have or even the “props.” Although having a personal style and adding a few props that symbolize your years of grade school is great, you need to make sure to find a photographer who can capture YOU!

Keep in mind these few little hints….

Sometimes going to a place that fits YOU best, or even somewhere that brings back memories is better than any studio prop. In this video, capturing the Arizona Desert is what is so striking.

When it comes to the makeup, clothing and attire, a pop of color or the right accent is all you need. Don’t go overboard with accessories. Keep in mind you don’t want anything to take away for the “story” you are trying to tell with your session. I love how they used a few outfits to tell their stories!