Make it classy….


The perfect addition to your day could be as simple as a classic car. The groom may choose to arrive in it and it will be a great backdrop or prop to many images of the Bridal Party. Then, the Bride and Groom will be able to leave in it as they are “JUST MARRIED.” I have had a few Bride and Groom’s choose to use such a prop and the images just POP! Take a look at three of the most recent weddings: Greg+Julie, Gabriel+Felicia, Charlie+Nicky.

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Get into character!

Some couples choose to use their wedding images as a time to show off their favorite pose or reenactment of movie. This can be really great if thought out and done correctly.

To some couples, Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a fun one to act out. P.S. I love you and The Notebook are two other older movies where couples find it romantic to stage for an image.

Others, like at Harry and Gretchen’s wedding (Wedding at Arrowhead Country Club), have been choosing to go a bit more recent with a group shot layout like Bridesmaids. Gretchen and her bridesmaids made quite a statement with this dramatic linear shot (below). I loved it!


Sometimes the way you strut your stuff on the dance floor. Dancing may be more up your ally in stead of a movie pose.

Going Gangnam Style at reception has been a really fun to capture. A lot of people are taking to this. It is similar to the Hokey-Pokey and Cupid Shuffle phases the wedding receptions were stuck with for a while.

Chris and Chelsea (Wedding at Arizona Grand Resort) got their Jai Ho dance on after their first dance. These two took their guests by surprise with their little twist of the popular dance style (below)!


Sometimes your love is just the best pose to act out! By looking at the image below, you would have thought that Scott & Katy (Wedding at Ancala Golf Course) had tried to mimic one of the most romantic, fairytale movies with their intimate kiss. It was truly magical to capture these two-so in love. This just goes to show–you don’t always need to replicate another pose to get the best image!


Thank you to all of the Brides and Grooms who have made me a part of their day! Each wedding has been an honor to capture! I absolutely love the changing trends and ideas brought forward by the people I work with!

Harley Bonham Photography, Behind the Scenes


This past June I had the honor to shoot a fantastic sunset with Sean and Michelle. I love shooting as the sun goes down and capturing the essence of beauty the Arizona sky casts. My assistant, Michael, captured some of their reactions with his iphone. Such a great evening! Congratulations to Sean and Michelle! They are now expecting their first baby.

Arizona Grand Resort

I have been able to go to a few of the same venues for different shoots and I am so happy that The Arizona Grand Resort & Spa was one of them! The Arizona Grand Resort is a fantastic venue whether you are using it for a Wedding venue or a Session backdrop.

Chris and Chelsea had a stunning wedding at the Arizona Grand Resort in November. They both looked fantastic and the wedding had so many creative aspects that just added to the beauty of the venue.

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I have also shot an Engagement Session at the Arizona Grand Resort this past October. Below are a few images from Josh and Kristin’s session.


The below YouTube video is a collection of images from a Family Portrait Session I did in 2010 with the Schenk Family at the Arizona Grand Resort! It just goes to show the timeless versatility of this place!

Grab that first look!

I always love it when a couple decides to let me capture them in a “First Look” setting. Vanessa and Brian looked fantastic and were super excited about seeing each other for the first time! The first look provides such a great chance to have an intimate meeting. Also, if there are any nerves, they can be somewhat relieved. Then, with the right timing, group shots can be taken with the Bride and Groom before the ceremony takes place. This allows for more flexibility after the ceremony–especially when the days are shorter and the sun sets sooner.

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This wedding took place at Tatum Ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona. The layout provided for so many great image opportunities.

Draw near…

Using your wedding to express your gratitude to those who are special to you is a great way to share your day with your loved ones. Selina and Daniel did just this. Not only did they involve their loved ones in the day by spending the extra minutes with them as the day allowed, but the images captured cannot hide how much their family means to them.

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Draw near to those who love you….let them help. It was clear Selina’s mother was her #1 fan and ready to assist with the Bride’s Big Day! Selina’s brother walked her down the aisle in memory of her father, and made for a stunning image of the two siblings. Daniel took the extra few moments with his mom to get her boutonniere just right.

This wedding took place at Stonebridge Manor of Mesa, Arizona. Stunning to say the least.

The beauty of a wedding….

I am not into cliché quotes, but I found this on Pinterest and thought it was such a neat thought! A Bride and Groom’s heart and soul goes into planning the best wedding and/or honeymoon. Sometimes we need to step back and think about the future. The beauty of a wedding is it is the first day of the rest of your lives!


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Venue Spotlight: Val Vista Lakes

Soave-Whitten-5762I have had a few weddings at Val Vista Lakes over the past few years. Aaron and Julie were especially great to shoot for on November 4th! Their night was perfect and the venue is so accommodating. Val Vista Lakes is a housing community with a clubhouse that is designed to cater to the events you want to hold there. You can check out the venue HERE at Stunning water view for the perfect sunset image and great grassy and palm tree scenes to allow for a diverse landscape in all your images. As quoted from Val Vista Lakes’ website: “[We have] waterfront elegance, sunset draped mountain views, green scenery and distinctly personalized service. We are more than just an Arizona wedding venue; VVL offers a classic ballroom for any occasion, from receptions to baby showers and everything in-between.”

They are located at:

1600 E. Lakeside Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234
P: (480) 926-9694
F: (480) 926-5730

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C² Wedding at The Arizona Grand Resort

Chris and Chelsea had a memorable day this past November 10. They both worked so hard to make the day everything it could be! Great props, perfect colors and all of the traditional details were present. The two of them looked ravishing as they stood at the end of the aisle together at The Arizona Grand Resort–so in love and ready to shout it to the world. The reception was incredibly fun! I am so honored to have couples like Chris and Chelsea to support my business of creating images!

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