Building demolition…..Cool!

This past Sunday I was at my favorite coffee shop, Lux, on Central. I’m there frequently, especially when Julie works and I have Reagan all day; she flirts with everyone and always makes people smile. Anyway, I heard someone talking about the building demolition that was going to happen and 10am and I knew exactly what they were talking about because I’d seen this building a thousand times on 3rd st just north of Thomas. Crews have been salvaging what they could over the last few years and I guess there was nothing left to do but blow it down and I just had to see it; hopefully Reagan would be cooperative and she was. I ran home, grabbed my Nikon and Flip video with a stand to put it on in case I found a good vantage point. I fired off 40 frames with the Nikon and the video came out great; you could feel the blast and it looks like it shook the camera.

Jeez, sometimes I’m such a guy!!