Seeking senior spokesmodels!

While I love any opportunity to photograph anything, whether it is a landscape, bride, infant, tree or even a beer bottle, some of the most fun sessions have been high school seniors. One of my objectives this year is to do more work making seniors look ‘hip.’ (is ‘hip’ the right word for seniors??? could it be ‘rad’ or ‘smokin?’ It seems like ‘off the hook’ is sooooo 90s)

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One of the programs I’m working on is having what you might call a ‘spokesmodel.’ Since my photography business has grown almost exclusively through word-of-mouth, I think it is only appropriate that I find a few qualified seniors to give a free session in return for referrals. I’m putting together an awesome incentive program and there is nothing I like better than a win-win arrangement.

I am looking for 2 guys and 2 girls. If you know of any seniors who would like details on how to get a FREE session contact me immediately at 602-254-1711 or by email at Some of the incentives are free albums, both hard- and soft-cover. It is not unlikely that a few lucky seniors could get as much as 800.00 worth of FREE stuff to show off to all their friends!