Reagan loves the water!

This week I realized I hadn’t photographed my little angel very much the past several weeks. I took her to the waterspouts at Desert Ridge then tonight we were just playing in the pool. I saw we had an amazing sunset and we watched the colors grow for awhile.    I asked her if I could take her picture with the sunset and she said “no thank you, daddy.” When I said she’d get a special treat she said “ooooh kaaaaayyyyy.”  By the time I dried off, grabbed my camera and a remote flash we’d lost the great colors but still had a cool sky. The bribe cost me 3 pieces of licorice.

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I have found the whole new world of PINNING!

I really enjoy watching the trends as they are pinned on some of the boards that I follow. Pinterest is amazing and absolutely ingenious. I love to see the boards of the bride’s who have upcoming weddings with me. I can get a better idea of their style and who they really are. Not to mention, I am able to see what I enjoy and how many people share the same lifestyle!

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A photographic gold mine in Iowa

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When I’m not photographing weddings, families or events I love to photograph old, run-down ANYTHING.   There is something fascinating about the mystery behind a dilapidated building or broken-down car; I feel like there is a hidden story and I just try to capture the vibe through my lens.   I just made a trip through Iowa and Illinois; not for vacation but because I was booked to perform at a couple of dueling piano shows.  (For those who don’t know me as well, I was a professional musician for several years while my photography business was growing; now I just play out occasionally.)

Anyway, my good friend Jefrey Taylor and I flew in to Omaha, picked up the truck with the pianos and sound gear, then hit the road.  Along the way I spotted one of the most amazing sights: a rusty old line of passenger rail cars in the middle of a corn field!  We drove around the field, found an access road, and drove right up to the train.

I just couldn’t believe it: a dozen cars and a caboose just sitting there, overgrown with trees and shrubs.  Inside was not very pleasant but tolerable; just run-down and musty.  As I walked through one of the passenger cars some birds flew out and startled the hell out of me.

The rest of the images are just a few other sights in rural Iowa, including a burned-out building with tons of rusted metal piled up everywhere.  Hey, I’m just trying to find the beauty in the ugly.

I have some really cool images from other trips through Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas and New Orleans I’ll post another time.

A wedding doesn’t have to be big to be amazing!

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A few weeks ago I was referred to Jacque and James by a wonderful florist friend of mine, Janet Martineau of Floral Verde.  Normally I’m used to weddings that have hundreds of people attending. When Jacque and I talked on the phone she told me it was just her and Jim plus the minister Gwen Waring.  As it turned out, not only were my assistant Michael and I their photographers, we were also their witnesses for signing the marriage certificate!

This wedding was absolutely beautiful and intimate under the gazebo in their courtyard and Janet’s floral arrangements were simply stunning. We had one obstacle to overcome, though, in that the gazebo had wooden slats above so the noon sunlight coming through was broken by alternating shadows AND direct sun: not good light for photography! We climbed up and covered the top with large black linens that I keep in my truck. That gave us nice, even light for their ceremony; no amount of flash could have fixed the “striped light.”

One other issue we faced was the noon sun and Jacque wanted portraits of her and Jim in the desert to show their families back on the east coast. Mid-day is the worst time to shoot because of the harsh shadows. However, the solution is a powerful 600 watt studio flash unit plugged in to a heavy battery pack that Michael gets to carry…not the best part of his job in 105-degree heat. The small Nikon flash units don’t put out enough light to overpower the noon sun so we have to bring the big guns. The results are totally worth the trouble, though, as you can see in the images.  Jacque’s wedding dress was just amazing and Jim had such a great look…sort of “James Bond with a cowboy hat.”

Who would’ve thought you could have a beautiful wedding with only 5 people in the summer heat at noon!  The images shown are part of the album I designed for them.

Thanks again to Janet for the referral. If you happen to be looking for gorgeous floral arrangements you’ll want to check out her website HERE