Reagan’s first Mardi Gras!

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Julie and I recently went to New Orleans to visit mom.  When we planned the trip in November we didn’t realize it was during Mardi Gras AND the week before Super Bowl.  The day after we arrived we took Reagan to a Mardi Gras parade in Slidell.  She was a little slow to enjoy it but after about 20 minutes she was getting beads from every single float; so many that we had to borrow an extra suitcase from Mom.  When we got home we dumped everything on the floor in Mom’s “Mardi Gras Room” (she really has one) and Reagan had a ball.

Another highlight for Julie and I was when mom took Reagan for a couple of nights and dropped us off in the French Quarter.  We had booked a room several weeks back and got really lucky on the rate; everything else at that time was going for double and triple what we paid.  We decided to take a cemetery tour.  New Orleans has above-ground tombs because the high level of groundwater used to push buried caskets back to the surface.  This was fascinating!  Even though I used to live there I realized how little I knew about this amazing city.  The guide knew a lot although I could only understand every 4th or 5th word.  At the end he took us to meet a world-famous voodoo priestess named Miss Miriam.  Apparently she has been written about and interviewed hundreds of times.  We learned that voodoo is very misunderstood: not the evil “stick a pin in a doll” type stuff (that is more Hollywood.)  It is more like a religion to a lot of the people that practice it; it was pretty interesting to hear about.

One of my favorite locations in the Quarter is Jackson Square in front of the St Louis Cathedral.  I’ve photographed the SLC many times over the years but this opportunity really blew me away.  All the tv networks had stages set up for their broadcasts and bright spolights lit up the front of the cathedral.  We had a rain storm come through on our 2nd day there and the sunset had these cool clouds at sunset.  The spotlights were an odd color temperature so I adjusted the settings on my camera so the church would look white; the sky was an amazing deep blue as you can see.

We thought this may be our last trip to my former home because Mom is finally going to move to Phoenix!  We couldn’t be more excited for Reagan to spend more time with her Grandma Jan but we’re going to miss those walks down Bourbon St.  We won’t miss the hangovers, though.

One Reply to “Reagan’s first Mardi Gras!”

  1. So awesome that Jan is coming to Phx. ’bout time! yea! i have always wanted to visit NO so in lieu, I live vicariously through you – thanks for sharing Harley!

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