Last-minute event gig.

I got a call from a great photographer I know, Gordon Murray, with a last-minute crisis: a big catering company had a photographer cancel at the last minute for an important event at the Convention Center and needed someone almost immediately but he was already booked. Fortunately I managed to re-arrange my schedule and cover the event. It turned out it was for Aventura, a very prominent catering and event company. I met briefly with the coordinator, Michael Stavros, about what he needed: “capture everything!” I started with the people shots of everyone having fun and networking, including their chef who had a lot of personality.

The food at this event was amazing; I brought my portable light rig and got some great food and detail shots. I was thrilled at the feedback because they were really happy with how everything turned out; especially for shooting on the fly with no preparation. I love challenges like that!

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