Maternity Shoot

Introducing my beautiful wife, Julie; we are expecting our first child in early April. I recently studied some new lighting methods and she is such a cooperative, supportive and easy subject to photograph. I used natural window light with one strobe on low power through a softbox behind her; the softbox created a nice rim light on her left arm which created some separation from the background. I also applied some neat photoshop effects to some of these.

The on-camera timer comes in handy.

Silhouette, window light only

The rest we shot in another room without using the strobe. This is window light only with a reflector out of the frame on the left to kick some light back for a little bit of fill; I just love this look!

We’re going to try this again in another month and compare the difference!

2 Replies to “Maternity Shoot”

  1. I have never seen such a beautiful pregnant woman! I love the pic of you two together the best. I see that baby bump and think: that’s my niece in there!! Then I think how lucky you both are to have one of those on purpose. She’s a damn lucy girl!!

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